The Quantum Recycling Process

Significant resources have been expended in the process of mining, refining, and processing the large amounts of metals and minerals that went into the production of our digital devices. Yet, we casually discard them on a regular basis in pursuit of the latest and greatest device.

As a result, rapidly increasing amount of e-waste ends up in landfills where they corrode and decay, releasing large amounts of toxic substance into the soil and our water sources.

The goal of the Quantum Project is to minimize the environmental damage caused by the mounting e-Waste problem through:

Intelligent Reuse

In the first stage of the process, we will extend the useful lives of laptops, computers, and other relevant equipment through the Bao2 e-Labs program.

Responsible Recycling

When these equipment have truly reached the end of their useful lives, we will work with TES-AMM, to recover the valuable metals and materials, and channel them back into the production process to be made into new devices.

11. Quantum Recycling Process 1 - Full e-Waste Recycle Diagram

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