Bao2 e-Labs Intelligent Reuse

  • Like everything we do, Bao2 e-Labs aim to achieve both environmental protection and social benefits.
  • There are millions of children in underprivileged communities in China that still have no access to computers or the Internet.
  • Computing equipment and devices that are no longer suitable for corporate needs can still provide significant value to the education of these children.
  • e-Labs will refurbish the old computers we collect through the Quantum Project, and set up e-Labs in selected communities to aid these children in their education.

12. Quantum Recycling Process 1 - Intelligent Reuse v2

Support Bao2 e-Labs – Join the Quantum Project

With your support, we can expand the environmental and social impacts achieved through Bao2 e-Labs to include more underprivileged schools and communities over time.

For every school or community that you support, you help to:

  • Reduce the strain on the planet by extending the useful life of computers and reducing e-Waste
  • Provide underprivileged children with access to computer education and Internet access
  • Provide jobs through training and employment of local IT support
  • .
  • Choose a school or community you would like to support and we will get the ball rolling.

If you company is planning to upgrade its IT system and has computers that it needs to dispose safely, please schedule a discussion to see how you can participate in the Quantum Project, contact us at