10. Quantum Project Heading 1 - Quantum

Encouraged by the success of the Fiber Project,

bao2 launched the Quantum Project in November 2016 to begin recycling electronic waste (“e-Waste”).

We have teamed up with TES-AMM, a global e-Waste recycling company with operations in 22 countries and 34 recycling facilities worldwide, to ensure that precious resources in truly obsolete electronic devices are responsibly handled and recovered.

Operating Partners

10. Quantum Project Heading 2 - eLabs

After the computers have truly completed their useful lives, they are then sent to TES-AMM

for their valuable materials to be recovered and recycled for the production of new equipment and devices.

10. Quantum Project 3 - Simple e-Waste Recycle Diagram

  • If your company is upgrading its IT system and would like their old equipment to be put to good use while ensuring data security and subsequent responsible disposal, please contact us.

  • On an individual level, as your company recycles its old IT equipment, you might consider encouraging your friends, colleagues, and families to recycle their personal electronics together through the same process.

  • For more information about the Quantum Project, please contact us at quantum@baosquared.com