Corporate Workshops

The Corporate Workshops comprise six 60-minute workshops customized for executives who wish to gain a firm grasp of the key environmental issues and begin taking impactful actions towards sustainable lifestyle choices.

Workshop 1: Causes of Environmental Problems and Environmental Ethics

Workshop 2: The Impact of Food Waste

Workshop 3: Sustainable Consumption

Workshop 4: A Perspective on Our Waste Problem

Workshop 5: Understanding our Energy Situation

Workshop 6: Social Innovation and Social Enterprises

Student Outreach Programs

The Student Outreach Programs aims to cultivate understanding, positive attitudes, and sustainable behaviors amongst students through a customized curriculum.

The program is comprised of ten 3-hour modules that provide the students with a clear and well-rounded perspective of the environmental issues we face today and the specific causes of these problems. It encourages them to think critically about potential solutions and creates opportunities for them to formulate and act on their ideas.

Our future leaders need to be able to make informed decisions and take appropriate actions towards environmental conservation and sustainable development.

  1. Understanding Environmental Problems, Their Causes, and Sustainability
    • What Are The Principles of Nature?
    • How Are Our Ecological Footprints Affecting the Earth?
    • Why Do We Have Environmental Problems?
    • What Is an Environmentally Sustainable Society?
  1. A Discussion on Environmental Ethics
    • Modern Views of Environmental Ethics
    • Important Questions in Environmental Ethics
    • The Foundation of Environmental Ethics
  1. Group Work: Debate – The Power of One
    • Does a single person have the power to make a difference?
  1. Project: Community Interviews
    • Gaining an insight to how people in our community perceive the environment and the problems
  1. Understanding Food Production
    • How Has Agriculture Evolved?
    • What Is Happening in Our Food Supply?
  1. Environmental Impact of Industrialized Food Production
    •  Topsoil Erosion, Drought and Wastelands
    • Air Pollution and Climate Change
    • Losses of Biodiversity & Genetic Engineering
    • Industrialized Meat Production
    • Damaged Aquatic Ecosystems
  1. Food Waste
    • The Full Picture
    • Why It Makes a Huge Difference
  1. Project: Food Waste Reduction
    • Ways to Reduce Food Waste At Home & In School
  1. Rise of The Consumption Culture
    • Population Growth and Technological Innovation
    • Consumer Society and The Capitalist Market
  1. Consequences of Consumption
    • Resource Depletion & Environmental Degradation
    • Excessive Waste Production and Toxic Disposal
  1. Sustainable Consumption
  2. Barriers to Sustainable Consumption
  3. Solutions To Sustainable Consumption
  4. Group Work: The Enlightened Consumer
    • What questions should we be asking as consumers?
  1. Project: Sustainable Business Research
    • Seeking out the environmentally responsible businesses in our community
  1. Impact of Unsustainable Consumption
    • Impact on the environment
    • Impact on states and businesses
    • Policy Responses to Unsustainable Consumption
  1. International Regimes
  2. National Policies
  3. Business Initiatives
  4. Redefining Our Economy:
    • Linear vs Circular Economy
  1. Group Work: Presenting a Business Case
    • Producing and Marketing a Sustainable Product
  1. Project: Sharing Your Sustainable Business Database
    • Informing the community of their sustainable options
  1. What is Waste?
  2. Why is Waste a Problem?
  3. Dealing With Waste
  4. Sustainable Waste Management Solutions
    • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
  1. Barriers to the 3 R’s
  2. Role of The Individual
  3. Group Work: Innovative Recycling Case Study
    • Discovering cool recycling ideas
  1. Project: Waste Reduction Ideas and Implementation
    • Implementing practical and impactful solutions in our daily lives
  1. Visions of a Zero-Waste Society
  2. Revolutionary Concepts
    • Biomimicry
    • Cradle-to-Cradle
  1. Breakthrough Innovations on Waste Reduction
    • Design
    • Production
    • Consumer Use
    • Disposal
  1. Project: Inspirations
    • Coming up with an innovative idea to solve an environmental problem
  1. How To Write a Business Plan
  1. The Big Consumers of Energy
  2. Understanding Our Energy Sources
  3. Energy Production and Their Impact on Environment
    • Coal
    • Oil
    • Natural Gas
    • Nuclear & Hydro
  1. Project: Home Energy Footprint
    •  Understanding your family’s energy footprint
    • Ways to reduce energy consumption at home
  1. Renewable Energy Sources
  2. Understanding Smart Grids
  3. Energy Efficiency Innovations and Technologies
  4. Group Work:
    • Present School Energy Audit Results and Recommendations
  1. Project: Government Programs and Policy Research
    • Programs, policies, and subsidies offered and implemented by the local government
  1. Social Innovation Through Social Entrepreneurship
    • What Is It?
    • Why Is This The Future ?
    • Legal Framework
    • Support Structures and Networks
  1. Social Ventures
    •  A Peek Into the World of Social Ventures
    • Social Ventures in China/Shanghai
  1. Becoming A Social Entrepreneur
  2. Project: Government Programs and Policy Research
    • Programs, policies, and subsidies offered and implemented by the local government
  1. Business Plan Competition Guidelines

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